Michael Cipiti

My Short Biography

Michael Cipiti – Michael has worked nationally in TV, films, commercials, industrials,

theater and print. Michael has worked as talent, writer and producer, on both studio

and independent film and television projects. Although the mob genre is a favorite,

Cipiti is adept at portraying a variety of characters and roles.

Cipiti has had the opportunity to work with and learn from top industry pros.

Whether the role is leading, supporting, or just for the day, Cipiti is a consummate

professional, and respects the craft of acting and filmmaking, and displays that

by the level of preparation and care he puts into his characters.

What people are saying...

Michael Cipiti is.....

"...a consummate professional, his respect for the craft of acting and filmmmaking is refreshing and invigorating.”

"...prepared and willing to do whatever it takes to create the perfect outcome.”

"...a true professional, willing to go above and beyond."


"...great to work with and turned in an excellent performance”

"...personable and a great asset to any project demanding his experience."

"Michael who?"